Today’s National Council Session at the Girl Scout national convention included a discussion on outdoor programming. Imagine my surprise when this slide popped up during GSUSA CEO Anna-Maria Chávez’s presentation:

, Girl Scout History Project
GSUSA announces new outdoors-themed badges for 2015.

Here’s a better view:

, Girl Scout History Project
Photo via the Outdoor Journey Project Facebook site.

Those aren’t NEW badges. Those are old Council’s Own badges.

How do I know? Because I took the photograph months ago.  It appeared here in a post in May 2014.

, Girl Scout History Project
Photo I took and published in a May 2014 blog post.

I guess someone at GSUSA reads the blog.

The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital, its professional staff, or the other volunteers on the GSCNC Archives and History Committee.

©2014 by Ann Robertson

5 responses to “Hey, I Know that Photo….”

  1. They snagged your image without attributing it to you? hmmm

    1. Arielle Masters Avatar
      Arielle Masters

      My thoughts exactly.

  2. Hi Ann!

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts, but was not able to view any if the pictures this time on my iPhone.


    1. Thanks Connie. Try viewing online. I think I need to adjust some setting for better viewing in portable devices.

  3. […] (unattributed, of course) appropriated for a presentation former CEO Anna-Maria Chavez made at the 2014 National Council Session. (Now I watermark most photos, just in […]

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