No, it’s not a girl band from the 1960s. It’s a girl group from the 1910s!

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My last post profiled Martha Bowers Taft, who began a Girl Scout troop at the Noel Settlement House in Washington, DC, in 1914.

Near the end of 1914, Martha married Robert Taft, son of President William Howard Taft, at St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square (and scene of protests this week).

My favorite part of Martha’s story is that her troop attended the wedding. The girls were mentioned by name in the plentiful news coverage of this enormous social event. Can’t you just imagine these little disadvantaged girls mingling with Washington’s elite?

, Girl Scout History Project
Washington Post (October 25, 1914)

I thought some of the names seems familiar. The connection was something way, way back in my mind.

I was right. After a deep dive into our council’s archives produced two tintypes.

After a little cleanup with PhotoShop, I’m thrilled to present:

The Stailey Sisters!

I don’t know why Margaret, the fourth Stailey girl mentioned in the newspaper, was not included in the photo session. Alas.

But look at those proud girls in the Girl Scout uniforms! And they even brought their semaphore flags!!

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  1. Once again Ann, you amaze me with your collected history about GSUSA and the way you present this information. As the self elected archivist for our area and the family genealogist in my own family, you inspire and amaze me with your post. Your email to me is like a mini gift to open and read. Thanks!

    1. Ann Robertson Avatar
      Ann Robertson

      Thank you! You really made my day with your kind message!

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