Roundup 1962 in Pictures

Just after my recent post on Girl Scout Roundups, I saw a collection of Roundup photos for sale on eBay.

No one bid on them, so I snapped them up at the last minute. Even if they aren’t of Nation’s Capital people, they are part of Girl Scout history and should be saved.

There were two dozen black and white snapshots, most stamped “August 1962,” which coincides with the Button Bay Roundup in Vermont.

The seller lives in Ohio, and one of the girls in some of the photos (not included here) seems to be wearing an Ohio State University sweatshirt.

I’ll share some of the photos here, perhaps readers can help with captions?

Whoever these ladies are, they seem to be having tremendous fun.

Next up: What happened to the Roundups?


1962 Roundup 1
Photo 1: Pyramid
1962 Roundup 13
Photo 2: Tent city
1962 Roundup 12
Photo 3: Cooking in curlers
1962 Roundup 10
Photo 4: Patrol meeting
1962 Roundup 8
Photo 5: Church
1962 Roundup 5
Photo 6: Is that a goat? No, it’s a calf!
1962 Roundup 4
Photo 7: Crowd shot
1962 Roundup 11
Photo 8: Group shot with hats
1962 Roundup 2
Photo 9: “You can take your hats off, now.”
1962 Roundup 14
Photo 10: Smokey, leave the Pilgrim alone!
1962 Roundup 9
Photo 11: Guitars


1962 Roundup 7
Photo 12: Rehearsal
1962 Roundup 6
Photo 13: Helicopter