Four Reasons I Love the Council’s Own


©2014 Ann Robertson

I love Girl Scout Council’s Own badges. I love council Try Its and Interest Projects, too.

Why do I love them? Let me count the ways.

1. The Designs

Maybe it’s the smaller production runs, but Council’s Owns seem to be more brightly colored than ordinary GSUSA-issued badges. They’re just pretty, OK?


2. The Local Flavor

Council’s Owns celebrate local communities, highlighting regional attractions and resources. They feature local histories and traditions.


3. The Quirkiness

Council’s Owns also fill in gaps in traditional badge offerings.

No GSUSA archery badge? Troop leaders could satisfy their own budding Katniss Everdeens with programs developed by councils across the country.


I’m sad that GSUSA has narrowed the opportunities for councils to create badges in favor of back-of-the-sash patch programs.  There are so many patch programs and participation patches these days, especially compared with the limited number of badges introduced in 2011, that we may soon have girls with layers of patches on the back and empty real estate on the front of their vests.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to patch programs at all.  In fact, I’ve created two Hunger Games-themed patches and have more in development.

My patches based on the Hunger Games and Catching Fire books and movies.

My patches based on the Hunger Games and Catching Fire books and movies.

And the final reason I love the Council’s Own…

4. I Can Put Them on Pinterest!

I’ve put my Council’s Own collection up on Pinterest, with separate boards for Try Its, Badges, and IPs.  They are not exactly in alphabetical order, since Pinterest does not allow pins to be moved around on a board. Perhaps one day I’ll add links to requirements as well.

Pinterest Try Its

Take a look at my Council’s Own galleries.  I know there are more COs out there, and I will add pins when I can.  There are also a few that I need help identifying.