Favorite Pin Identified

Three years ago I shared my favorite piece of Girl Scout memorabilia. It is a sterling silver and brass brooch that I found on eBay.



The pin is engraved “Suncoast Girl Scout Council,” but the seller had no information about its origins.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Terri Costello, the special events manager for Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. Suncoast was one of the councils that merged to create West Center Florida during realignment.

Terri had recognized the pin immediately. It is presented each year to the council’s Women of Distinction. Many councils have similar programs to recognize inspiring women.

This event is held each year to honor and celebrate local women who have achieved success in their chosen fields and serve as inspiring role models for girls and other women in our local communities, each exemplifying ethical leadership and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens through community service.

GSCWCF website

While the Suncoast program dates to 1992, the pin, designed by Tampa artist Karen Arch,  and was introduced in 2002.

I am delighted that even though I am not a “Woman of Distinction,” Terri has given me permission to continue wearing it with pride. In fact, I think I’ll wear it today!

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My Favorite Girl Scout Memorabilia

What is your favorite piece of Girl Scout memorabilia? Your sash? An old handbook?

I had plenty of time to think about this yesterday, on my six-hour drive home from the North Carolina Collector’s Show.

Aside from my old vest, I think my favorite is this unusual pin I purchased a few years ago on eBay.  I wore it at the show, too.

My Worlds to Explore pin
My Worlds to Explore pin

The pin is about 1.5 inches in diameter and stamped “sterling” on the reverse. However, the globe, sun, and heart have a slight golden color, which may be from another metal as well.

The pin is engraved “Suncoast Girl Scout Council” on the back of the rainbow.


The pin is probably from the 1980s, as the symbols are those of the old Worlds to Explore program.

Worlds to Explore Dabbler Interest Projects: (l-r) Arts, Out-of-Doors, People, Today and Tomorrow, Well-Being
Worlds to Explore Dabbler Interest Projects: (l-r) Arts, Out-of-Doors, People, Today and Tomorrow, Well-Being

Suncoast council disappeared in 2007, when the Girl Scouts of West-Central Florida was created.

I don’t know the story behind the pin, but I suspect it was custom made, perhaps as a gift to a special volunteer or board member. I don’t know how it ended up on eBay, either.

But I am happy that the mystery pin wound up in the hands of a Girl Scout who appreciates its symbolism. I am proud to wear and share this unique conversation piece.