Plans for the new Nation’s Capital Resource Center have been delayed yet again, so instead of packing for our future storage site it looks like we will stay in our storage “pod” at the council headquarters for most of 2014.

However, plans to re-carpet the headquarters — plus a good post-holiday sale on Elfa shelving at the Container Store — have given us an opportunity to rethink and maximize the space we have now.

Currently we have two unmatched bookcases and a large metal “baker’s rack.”  The baker’s rack is good quality and very sturdy, but it is out of proportion with our mixed assortment of plastic storage bins and various Hollinger archival boxes.  Each shelf is stacked two or three boxes high and as many deep.  It is quite the adventure to excavate to the lower depths of the pod and I’ve always made sure to take a buddy in case I fall in!

Step 1: My architect husband measured the pod.  He had never visited the council office before and was astonished to discover that our storage room has only three walls–and one of those is made of curved glass blocks.

Step 2: Completely empty out the archives pod and desk area. Luckily, all this is happened during Winter Break. Four girls from my troop spent a day at Council and managed to clear the pod entirely. They even took apart and reassembled the baker’s rack in the temporary storage area. What a great team-building exercise!

, Girl Scout History Project
The girls disassembled the pod shelving.
, Girl Scout History Project
They reassembled the shelving in the storage area.

Step 3: Evaluate the materials and determine how to group boxes as well as what furniture configurations will work and what won’t.

, Girl Scout History Project
A very small sample of our storage needs.

Next…..see the results!

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