An Unfortunately Named Service Project

Oh my.

I found this clipping in an old council press scrapbook. I don’t think it would work as a primary document for classroom use!

, Girl Scout History Project
A World War II Service Project that would need major updating to try today.

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Ann Robertson

Ann Robertson is a writer, editor and Girl Scout historian.

7 thoughts on “An Unfortunately Named Service Project”

  1. It was a different time. Word change with the times. It is all part of our history and a wondrous history it is!

  2. Besides the unfortunate name (a slang term which is no longer in use much), I wonder about the usefulness of putting used cigarettes and matches into a fabric bag. I suppose they mean for users to stub the hot items out in the dirt or in water, let them cool, and THEN put them into the bag?

  3. Before reading the article, I was expecting larger bags – for holding bundles of sticks to be used for firewood.

    1. Arielle, bonus points for the definition! My husband plays the bassoon, which in Italian and other languages is the “fagotto.”

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