What is your favorite piece of Girl Scout memorabilia? Your sash? An old handbook?

I had plenty of time to think about this yesterday, on my six-hour drive home from the North Carolina Collector’s Show.

Aside from my old vest, I think my favorite is this unusual pin I purchased a few years ago on eBay.  I wore it at the show, too.

, Girl Scout History Project
My Worlds to Explore pin

The pin is about 1.5 inches in diameter and stamped “sterling” on the reverse. However, the globe, sun, and heart have a slight golden color, which may be from another metal as well.

The pin is engraved “Suncoast Girl Scout Council” on the back of the rainbow.

, Girl Scout History Project

The pin is probably from the 1980s, as the symbols are those of the old Worlds to Explore program.

, Girl Scout History Project
Worlds to Explore Dabbler Interest Projects: (l-r) Arts, Out-of-Doors, People, Today and Tomorrow, Well-Being

Suncoast council disappeared in 2007, when the Girl Scouts of West-Central Florida was created.

I don’t know the story behind the pin, but I suspect it was custom made, perhaps as a gift to a special volunteer or board member. I don’t know how it ended up on eBay, either.

But I am happy that the mystery pin wound up in the hands of a Girl Scout who appreciates its symbolism. I am proud to wear and share this unique conversation piece.

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  1. Charlotte Dinwiddie Avatar
    Charlotte Dinwiddie

    My favorite bit of memorabilia is a Girl Guide Pin that my Pen Pal Beryl sent me in 5th grade. Wish I knew where Beryl is now!

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