My research trip to GSUSA last week was cut short by Blizzard Jonas, but I was delighted to discover some interesting changes afoot.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, the National Historic Preservation Center (NHPC) is undergoing a major transformation. The museum has been emptied and a completely new exhibition is being staged.

The new exhibit is still a work in progress, but I will share a sneak peek.

, Girl Scout History Project
Entrance to 17th Floor Suites. (I bought a new patch with the same design.)


, Girl Scout History Project
Vintage uniform display along corridor to executive offices.
, Girl Scout History Project
Vintage Flash Lights Used as Pendant Lighting in Museum


, Girl Scout History Project
Novel Way to Display Badges

My only disappointment was finding out that the 11th floor cafeteria had closed. I was really looking forward to the best grilled cheese in Manhattan.

I understand that regular staff probably grew bored with the cafeteria, but it was a wonderful attraction for visiting troops and researchers. It was affordable food, conveniently located near clean restrooms and the Girl Scout Shop – three selling points for any troop leader.  As a researcher, it was nice to have someplace in the building, where I could grab a quick lunch and not lose valuable research time.

At least from a visitor’s perspective, the cafeteria was a valuable resource that I’m sad to see eliminated.

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2 responses to “Changes at National Girl Scout Museum”

  1. I have never been here, but would like to visit someday. Sorry to hear about the lunchroom though… thanks for the pictures!

  2. I could see the pictures fine, but the tiny type was hard on my old eyes.
    Barby Pulliam, member since 1937.

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