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Golden Eaglet pin

At age 92, Ruth Farley Massey is perhaps the last Golden Eaglet in the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital family.

Farley recently participated in a council documentary marking the centennial of the Gold Award. Her segment starts at 0:32 and she returns at the end of the six-minute video.



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  1. Ann, I recognize the two photos of Juliette Low you used for the Eagle of Merit and the Golden Eaglet. They are very similar, and in the GS Collector’s Guide, on the page about the movie, “The Golden Eaglet” they used the photo of her presenting the Golden Eagle of merit. I just noticed in in the book recently, that’s probably why I noticed in your video the two photos were reversed.

  2. Ann Robertson Avatar
    Ann Robertson

    Thanks Karen. I had nothing to do with the video. The council PR department did not consult the Archives and History Committee about the content or images selected.

    1. It’s still a lovely video. I was wondering if any of the Golden Eaglets were still around.

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