Update: March 17, 2017

Stand covers are now available in white, too!

, Girl Scout History Project
IKEA’s Napen Clothes Stand

Girl Scout historians know how challenging it can be to display vintage uniforms.

Commercial mannequins can be expensive and usually are several sizes too large for the dainty uniforms of old.

Dressmaker forms can work for adult uniforms, but are difficult to find in child sizes.


I found a fantastic, very affordable solution at…..IKEA.  Yes, the assemble-it-yourself Swedish furniture store! Who knew?

, Girl Scout History Project
IKEA mannequins in use at our Archives and History Program Center.

The NÄPEN mannequins are sold in IKEA’s children’s department for the budding fashionista.

They are sold in two parts: the stand and a cover. You could use the stand without a cover, but the covers give the torso more definition. The stands are light enough to take with you for programs, but heavy enough not to tip over.  Total price is $19.99.

Here are the details:

, Girl Scout History Project
Napen stand (402.379.15) , $14.99.

The stand is metal and plastic and the height adjusts from 30″ to 50″.

, Girl Scout History Project
Napen cover (503.065.26) , $5.00

The cloth and wire cover comes in either lilac or turquoise. There is no size difference.

If you don’t have an IKEA near you, consider ordering from the website. You can get an entire troop for $100.

, Girl Scout History Project

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  1. Bonna Scherer Avatar
    Bonna Scherer

    We (River Valleys) bought two sets and are now being used in a display. They are great, light weight and easy to use. And with the two different sizes, small uniforms can easily be put on display.Love your posts and keep up the good work. Bonna SchererRiver Valleys Heritage Committee Volunteer

    1. Ann Robertson Avatar
      Ann Robertson

      Thanks Bonna!

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