4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Remembrance

  1. She’s holding an American flag and it’s hard to tell the color of the uniform from a B&W photo, but the tie and hat almost look more Girl Guide than Girl Scout. Could this be one of the earliest “suggested” Senior Scout uniforms? I seem to remember something in there about a four-in-hand tie.

  2. The photo is from a scrapbook of a Washington, DC, Girl Scout. The scrapbook owner was friends with the three daughters of the Belgian ambassador. They were Guides in Belgium, but the two younger earned Golden Eaglets while in DC. So it could be some hybrid uniform. Good question!

  3. Enjoy your blog oh so much. However, this message is not on topic. You are the only Nation’s Capitol person whose name I know so I am bothering you with a request.

    I just stumbled across you council’s listing of a workshop this Saturday – “ Girl Scout Bridging the Past and the Present, Girl Scout Archives Workshop”.

    No way I can get there. I’m in California.

    I lead workshops in bringing Girl Scout history to troops and would really like to correspond with the trainer of your class.

    Any chance you can forward this to her.

    margaret w


    • Hi Margaret! That workshop was organized by our archives “branch” in Winchester, VA. That facility contains the archives of Shawnee Council, which merged with Nation’s Capital in 2009. They had a good center and program in place, so I saw no need to physically combine collections. I chair the Nation’s Capital committee and am one of several people who conducts programs.

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