Don’t Buy Cookies from an Aardvark

I found this treasure in one of our cookie boxes at the GSCNC Archives & History Program Center in Frederick, MD. (An archival box of cookie sale materials, not a box of actual cookies, although I could use one right now…)

It is a letter-size sheet of paper, folded and printed as a booklet, that tells the story of Girl Scout cookies:

, Girl Scout History Project
(GSCNC Archives)
, Girl Scout History Project
(GSCNC Archives)
, Girl Scout History Project
(GSCNC Archives)

The back cover, in tiny print, reads “J. Moore, 51-4 GSCNC.” I assume that this is the work of Jean Moore, who was once an active member of Nation’s Council (and a plaintiff in the Rockwood case).

I suspect there’s a good story behind this delightful tale.

If it has made you half as hungry as it’s made me, try out the Girl Scout Cookie Locator to find cookies close to your location. Look for the girls in green, blue, brown, or khaki, and beware any aardvarks.

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  1. Nice to read this! I’ve seen the “don’t buy cookies from an aardvark” ad(s) but now that I’m Googling them, they don’t turn up 🙁 If you have links, would you please link to those videos from this post so all of the aardvark references are in one place?

  2. Hello I have a girl scout ring from my mother who just passed away at age 94. I think it is from the 1920s or 30s. I would love to donate it but not sure who or where? Please let me know thank you! Carol James

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