My last post shared a cute little booklet, “Don’t Buy Cookies from an Aardvark.”

I didn’t know any backstory about the booklet until reader Arielle Masters contacted me. She said there had been a TV commercial with this theme, but that she couldn’t find a clip online.

There’s a challenge I can’t resist!

After some searching, I found that Arielle was correct.  Here’s the full commercial from 1976:

In fact, this is one commercial in a series that has animals pushing sub-standard cookies, including a rooster,

an alligator:

and a panda.

There are many vintage cookie commercials online, why not share them with your troop?

Thanks, Arielle!

©2017 Ann Robertson

5 responses to “Don’t Buy Cookies from an Aardvark, part 2”

  1. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for posting these. Do you know when they were originally made?

    Ann in California

    1. I believe in 1976.

  2. Arielle K Masters Avatar
    Arielle K Masters

    Thank you for tracking these down, Ann! So cute 🙂

    Here’s the tiger/camel one:

    This isn’t one with animals, but I like the way it starts (“What’s cooking? Democracy, self-reliance, good citizenship.”):

  3. Arielle K Masters Avatar
    Arielle K Masters

    Do you happen to know who the narrator of the animal ads was? His voice sounds very familiar.

    1. Ann Robertson Avatar
      Ann Robertson

      Nope, sorry. I found a small notice about the ads in the Nov/Dec 1975 Leader magazine, but no name.

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