Don’t Buy Cookies from an Aardvark, part 2

My last post shared a cute little booklet, “Don’t Buy Cookies from an Aardvark.”

I didn’t know any backstory about the booklet until reader Arielle Masters contacted me. She said there had been a TV commercial with this theme, but that she couldn’t find a clip online.

There’s a challenge I can’t resist!

After some searching, I found that Arielle was correct.  Here’s the full commercial from 1976:

In fact, this is one commercial in a series that has animals pushing sub-standard cookies, including a rooster,


an alligator:

and a panda.

There are many vintage cookie commercials online, why not share them with your troop?

Thanks, Arielle!

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Cookies from an Aardvark, part 2”

  1. Do you happen to know who the narrator of the animal ads was? His voice sounds very familiar.

    1. Nope, sorry. I found a small notice about the ads in the Nov/Dec 1975 Leader magazine, but no name.

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