I have a busy week coming up, first going to the North Carolina Girl Scout Collectors’ Show, then on to Savannah, Georgia, to see my daughter, who is a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

She is busy studying schedules and determining what classes to take this fall and the rest of her senior year. I continue to be amazed at the variety of courses and career paths offered at SCAD. They have areas of study that I never knew existed, like yacht design, sequential art, and luxury and fashion management. SCAD takes a very hands-on, applied approach to learning that equips students for creative careers.

I already have another trip to Savannah penciled in for October, this time for a Girl Scout history conference. The last such conference I attended was very conceptual–discussions and presentations on the changing role of museums in the 21st century.

, Girl Scout History Project
GS Historic Georgia partnered with SCAD to create a Preservation Patch

I have no idea what is being planned officially, but if it were me, I know what Savannah resource I would want to use wisely–SCAD. A conference planned in coordination with the school could provide tremendous hands-on learning opportunities. There are many potentially relevant programs, for example:

Accessory and Jewelry Design: Techniques for cleaning pins and metal camping equipment;  novel ideas for displays of lots of tiny objects.

, Girl Scout History ProjectActing and Character Development: For our living Juliette Gordon Lows.

Branded Entertainment: I don’t have any idea what this is, but how often do we hear about communicating and protecting the Girl Scout brand? Maybe we would learn!

Fashion/Fibers/Costume Design: Best techniques for preserving old fabric; how do you clean 100-year old sweat stains and rust stains?


, Girl Scout History Project
Museum Studies students craft narratives about their artifacts (SCAD).

Museum Studies: Duh.


Photography/Film/Sound: How to archive photos, film etc. (and could someone please convert some Beta tapes that we have?)

Preservation Design: This also seems obvious.


, Girl Scout History Project
Designing exhibit displays and props (SCAD).

Production Design: Tips on how to construct and configure exhibits and display spaces.


Themed Entertainment Design: to create Juliette Gordon Low World (just kidding–mostly)

Conducting a two-hour workshop on these topics would be a great experience for students, as SCAD teaches them to hone their presentation skills whenever possible. I definitely would sign up for as many as possible.

Ultimately, the conference curriculum isn’t up to me.  Maybe I’ll just browse the textbook aisle in the campus bookstore and try to learn some of these skills on my own.

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5 responses to “A Practical Approach to Girl Scout Archives”

  1. I would love a conference that offered these topics for new and experienced Historians. Always something new to learn.

  2. I’d go to that conference in s heartbeat! Truly hope the suggestion is accepted and implemented.

  3. How do you get info on hx conference? When is it?Thanks. Have fun w that gs daughter of yours, working at the birthplace.  I’m w you, I am so jealous!Michele Weilnau  

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  4. Ditto. I got very little out of the last conference. I would love a hands-on chance to learn proper storage and display techniques and materials. ESPECIALLY the materials! Are ALL kinds of polyethylene (except anti-static) OK What about pool noodles? Tyvek is good, but why is the environmental suit Tyvek OK but not the house wrap Tyvek? I’m very good at building things, but I need to know more about what’s and what’s not safe to use. I want a museumologist who will let me sit down with them and pick their brains!

  5. Helen Schadegg Avatar
    Helen Schadegg

    I agree that these topics would be most interesting and appreciated by any of us in our Heritage Groups! I await word on the conference in Savannah with anxious anticipation!!
    See you there Ann!

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