This poster hangs on a wall at our Archives and History Program Center in Frederick, Maryland. Bright yellow and 28×22″, it always attracts comments.

, Girl Scout History Project

However, we didn’t know the story behind the picture. We found it in the back of a closet, in a ratty old frame held together with Scotch tape.

Based on the uniforms and the fact that it says “70th Anniversary,” the image is obviously from the early 1980s, presumably 1982.

But the mystery was solved thanks to an old Nation’s Capital newsletter. For Girl Scout Week 1982, Delta Airlines replaced their normal peanut snacks with packets of Trefoil shortbread cookies. Delta bought and distributed 800,000 cookies March 7-13, 1982.

This was the second time an airline joined the national cookie sales. In 1981 United made what was then the largest corporate cookie purchase in history. United included a packet of two Trefoils on every meal tray.

The success of the United program encouraged Delta to participate. Delta went one step further, having their own company artist, Brad Diggers, commemorate Girl Scouts’ 70th birthday with a special painting.

Limited editions of the painting were presented to 15 Girl Scout councils served by Delta. Nation’s Capital has print number 10 of 34.

, Girl Scout History Project
Close-up of artist’s signature

Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!!

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    Marianna Gilbertson

    Thank you for sharing this information. By the 80’s I was an adult and no longer a Girl Scout member. By the year 2000 I returned to the organization as a leader for 19 years and counting. To see this information about the largest cookie sale really warms my heart. I still remember carrying my cookie boxes door to door by myself in my Lake Oswego OR neighborhood in the early 60’s and enjoy the exercise.

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