This week I was contacted by someone doing research on the former Bear Creek Girl Scout Council.

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She had done an internet search for Bear Creek and found me. That is where I began Girl Scouts, as I mentioned in another post a few years ago.

We talked a bit about Bear Creek’s merger into the Kentuckiana Girl Scout Council. I also offered to search my home town newspaper for anything relevant.

A quick search of the Paducah Sun archives produced a detailed article, as I expected:

, Girl Scout History Project

But wait….what’s that on the page next to the article?

, Girl Scout History Project

It’s a photo! An old photo with very little contrast. Plus the three figures are in shadow since they are standing under a canoe.

, Girl Scout History Project

But if the faces aren’t clear, those three names sure are. That’s my old troop! I know those girls!! Heck, Laura Terrell sang at my wedding!!!

The photo is accompanied by a detailed article about the troop’s 1978 canoe trip to the Boundary Waters area on the US-Canadian border.

, Girl Scout History Project

No, I didn’t make the canoe trip. I joined the troop a few weeks after they returned home. Even if I had had the opportunity to go, I’m positive my parents would not have let me. (Don’t even get me started on that subject….)

I already knew some of the girls from Junior Girl Scouts, the others I met at day camp later in the summer. After two weeks at day camp I felt like I had gone on the trip. That’s all they talked about! And they sang…the canoe songs… the car songs…the tent songs…. So many songs!

We’ve lost a few troop members over the decades, but I’m still in touch with many via Facebook. (Ladies, please leave a comment!)

Finally, I have to share another photo gem that turned up in my search. Nothing to do with canoes, but I need to recognize two women who were very important parts of my early Girl Scout years: Aleta Worthen, my Junior leader, and Mary Henry, my Cadette and Senior leader.

Does anybody remember Mrs. Henry with that hair??

, Girl Scout History Project

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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  1. Ann, thanks for sharing. I am seated, on the left. Sandy Wylie, now Campbell. Enjoyed being a troop leader so much. My daughters are Mindy and Lee Wylie. Mindy has 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter.She lives in Pennsylvania. Lee is in Colorado, no children. Baby sister, Krista, has 1 daughter and lives in Grand Rivers, Ky.

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