It doesn’t happen very, but there are a few Council’s Own badges that I can’t identify.

I list them in the “Mysteries” section of my online archive of these delightfully quirky badges. They are the elusive unicorns of the Girl Scout world.

Here’s your Friday challenge: Can you identify these badges?

, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


, Girl Scout History Project


Can anyone help me track down these badges?

Note: None of these are for sale.

3 responses to “Do You Know These Badges?”

  1. Michele L Weilnau Avatar
    Michele L Weilnau

    Wow, these are a far cry from my troops own badge in the 70s when I was a junior and then when I helped w a junior troop.

    1. Michele L Weilnau Avatar
      Michele L Weilnau

      Part of above comments…..
      Would posts pics here but not sure how to do it

  2. I do not recognize ANY of these badges, but I’d like to make some guesses as to their nature, and see if I’m right when you do identify them.

    A, Exercising your freedom of speech? (Or something to do with our founding fathers).

    B> Dog training? Dog lover?

    C. Probably the least obvious. The yellow and blue elements suggest a bird flying through a clear sky, while the over-all shape suggests a pair of lungs. This might be a conservation or healthy living badge dealing with clean air?

    D. Amphibians? Reminds me of the 40’s/50’s badges dealing with Mammals, Birds, amphibians, Trees, Plants, etc.

    E. Healthy eating; learning about food additives?

    F. see B

    G. Princes power? Don’t always fall for the hansom prince, check out the frog too; he might be a nicer person. (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover; make wise decisions).

    H. Tree lover?

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