Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout History Project

Golden Sunday Morning?

Is it just me, or does the CBS Sunday Morning logo look like the Girl Scout Gold Award?

Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout History Project
CBS Sunday Morning Logo
Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout History Project
Gold Award patch

CBS Sunday Morning first aired in 1979, one year before the Girl Scout Gold Award was introduced.

However, the Girl Scout sunburst design traces to a Senior membership pin introduced in 1938. At the time, high school girls often did not want classmates to know they were Girl Scouts (hard to believe, right?). This special pin was designed to look like a sorority pin, which presumably was more acceptable.

The Senior interest program introduced in 1953 continued starburst design as a unifying background for the assorted interest-specific programs.

I’ve written about the history of the Gold Award before and the deliberate choice to incorporate history into its design.

I’ve nothing else to add.

No conspiracies, intellectual property wars, or broadcast ambitious. Just, hmmm. They DO look similar.

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