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Sofia Chang

Sofia Chang GSUSA CEO. February 1, 2022-January 27, 2023

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Bonnie Barczykowski

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8 responses to “Another CEO Bites the Dust”

  1. It seems to be a revolving door at GSUSA! She didn’t last a year. I am saddened.

  2. Wow! Gone are the days when women of skill, grit and vision led our movement? What turmoil at the top cannot be endured, mitigated and righted?

  3. Wondering why. Not a god fit. Perhaps need a better hiring process.

  4. With this new announcement where does our organization stand. One year wasn’t enough time to make mark on anything. It feels like we are not a solid organization. What starts at the top goes to the bottom. I hope this change doesn’t cost each Council much.

  5. National has probably had it planned since last summer and just needed for GSEM to narrow their replacement search. She announced her departure in August. Bonnie needed time to wrap the years-long council $50 million capital campaign this fall. She’s leaving our council having hit the ball out of the park.

    She’s a charismatic, fun, approachable, astute leader who has been vocal about publicly showcasing the evolution of Girl Scouts. Expect great things, tenacity, and her convention speech to be 🔥💚.

    1. That’s very reassuring. I haven’t seen any official mention of her background.

  6. I’m a relatively new Leader, so maybe I’m late to the party. Do most CEOs serve short terms? It seems many of the CEOs have served on executive boards for huge, damaging corporations with values that are quite counter to Girl Scouts’ values, too. The revolving door of leadership looks like poor management. I hope Bonnie turns out to be a decades-long, stable leader.

  7. […] hiring good people is not the problem–retention […]

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