So That’s In Your Bag, Girl Scout

Last week I shared photos of our exhibit of pocket-sized Girl Scout memorabilia. We had photos of various Girl Scout bags and what girls and adults might have carried over the years.

As promised, here are the four main photos, with the various items labeled. Did you recognize all of them?


Girl Purses 1970s Labels2

Girl purses then

Girl Purses today Labels2

Girl purses now

Leader Purse 1950s Labels2

Leader purses then

Leader Purses today Labels2

Leader purses now


©2018 Ann Robertson


4 thoughts on “So That’s In Your Bag, Girl Scout

  1. Thank you! I love seeing all the old memories. I have a collection of GS things myself. Still have my sash with all my badges. Someday, I will donate them to GSA!

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