Got cabin fever? If not, it’s coming soon.

The ongoing coronavirus crap means that thousands of spring Girl Scout camping trips have been cancelled.

Maybe this vintage postcard from a 1920 leaders’ camp will help anyone experiencing camp deprivation:

, Girl Scout History Project
Leaders perform their morning calisthenics at camp.

These leaders are starting their day with a round of “setting up” exercises, just like the campers in the Golden Eaglet, a 1918 promotional film from the Girl Scouts.

This postcard was never mailed. Instead, the owner used it as a souvenir of her time at camp.

, Girl Scout History Project

For you non-cursive folks, it reads:

“The mess hall is to the left and the lake down to the right. I am the 7th one in the 2d row from the left and Rose is the 4th one in the 3d row. The 3d on in the 4th row was our bugler. We called her Tommy. She was fine at the taps trade.

Our tent isn’t shown here.”

Don’t you just love the camp uniform of middies and bloomers?

Those were the days!

5 responses to “Breathe in Virtual Fresh Air”

  1. Mary Steed Ewell Avatar
    Mary Steed Ewell

    Where was the camp? Mary Steed

    1. Don’t know. All the info I have is in the photos.

  2. thejerseytrader Avatar

    Love it! Yes we are all feeling the pinched effect of not camping. Certain hope we can salvage the summer camps as the financial burden would be too great for many camps to survive.

  3. And we have new leaders that complain about a 3 hour on-line course. These new leaders went to a resident camp for I think it was two weeks to be a troop leader.

  4. Arielle K Masters Avatar
    Arielle K Masters

    Agreed that this virus is making spring a much sadder time than it ought to be 🙁

    For a bit of cheer, you now need to share the song that goes with the outfits

    I know you’re very familiar with it (you came up in one of the search results – and I found an audio of scouts singing ( but so far the only video of it I’ve been able to find is a little girl singing it with her brother (

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