I went to Macy last month and what did I see? Four plain buzzards, sitting in a dead tree.

chartreuse buzzards, Girl Scout History Project
Palisades Buzzards

Alas, these birds were not chartreuse, but they spoke of a chronicle, long in disuse.

chartreuse buzzards, Girl Scout History Project
Macy Entrance Sign

It seems their history was recorded 30 years ago, taped at a gathering at Rockwood (wouldn’t you know).

It was not kept at Macy nor with any national staff. Instead, it was stashed in Maryland, secretly stashed on the buzzards’ behalf.

When an archival box was knocked off a shelf, out tumbled an old DVD, not some stupid elf.

The disc had no label, the images were unstable, but the program was still better than most public-access cable.

With the story discovered, the legend of the chartreuse buzzards has now been recovered.

Let us rejoice!!

Gloria Quinlan, Chief Buzzard
chartreuse buzzards, Girl Scout History Project
Girls hang a sign at Weston Lodge

6 responses to “Chartreuse Buzzards: The Real Story”

  1. Thanks for the history of the Chartreuse Buzzards.

  2. ROTFL – I’ve heard this before, but this is the best, from someone there at the start. Thank-you for finding this treasure and sharing it.

  3. Love the video. Wish we could see the faces

  4. This was a lot of fun to read/watch. My mom, Ruth “Ginger” Shields was indeed part of this fabulous group of trainers. I believe that I still have a box with some of the patches. Hearing the story of her slipping a slide into someone’s presentation made me laugh, she loved simple practical jokes. (like making birdcalls on a bird watch to see people get excited) I do remember her involvement making and ordering the patches and recall her being gone on a GS trip during Nixon’s resignment. Thanks for the great post!

  5. This is an amazing historical find! Thanks so much for sharing. I received my first Chartreuse Buzzards patch and learned this song at Macy when we were learning the “new” Cadette program in the late 1970’s. I will think of this video every time I wear my Trainer’s pin.

  6. Oh my gosh, I just stumbled on this. I was a Chartuese Buzzard from GSCNC back in the beginning in 73, and I am still a Trainer! What a joyful memory! We had some very special buzzards!

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